Saturday, March 10, 2012

My 10 things

Almost missed this today....words have always been important to me.  It is interesting when I am in a difficult place that I seem to blog less often, you would think it would be the opposite.  So my ten things are centered around the words that I have heard or have been spoken to me this last month. 

1. My youngest granddaughter is learning new words everyday! This week she learned to say one of our dogs names, Rosie. It is sooo cute to hear here say it. This is a conversation I over heard between my grandson and her......
Elijah: Sage say Rosie.
Sage: Rosie
This happened a couple of more times, apparently Elijah likes it when she says it...
Elijah: Sage say Rosie one more time
Sage: One more time
So I know Sage isn't old enough to understand the humor but it was super funny!

2.  I took my grandson Elijah outside this week to show him the flowers pushing up to the surface. He said to me..."Granny, can we find anymore?" So we went on a hunt ;) Spring is around the corner and it is going to be wonderful sharing it!!

3.  Thankful words from friends when they receive happy mail from me.

4. A friend that drops her busy evening just to run to the grocery store with me.  Then just listens as I tell her about the hard day I had.

5.  My 18 year old son telling me he loves me to all the stars.

6.  I love yous from my husband as he is traveling all over the US now.

7.  Precious I love yous and thank yous from my youngest Granddaughter.

8.  Listening to my Grandson Elijah say he LOVES cooking shows and why.

9.  My teenagers friends, who drop by or take the time to send me a little message, telling me how much they appreciate my husband and I just being there for them.

10.  Some words to you......thank you for visiting.  I hope and pray where ever you are that you will take the time to listen to the special words being spoken around you. 


Donna said...

Beautiful Juel, just as you!!

Ali said...

So lovely, and so important to remember little moments like these.