Friday, May 04, 2012

Day 2 and 3 of Layout A Day

I'm in love with how these pages turned out.  I am a keeper of every little piece of paper that I might be able to use on a scrapbook page.  Here I have used my son's permit photos, his test and a card he received after he got his permit.  The photos of him driving where taken last summer when he got his driver's license.

Stuff with life takes a hold of you sometimes and you forget to live in the moment.  Over the last few months the one way I have been able to live in the moment is by doing things that make me happy.  One of the most fun things for me is to go junking, as it seems to be called these days.  I do my best to come home with things that I can repurpose so I am just not buying more 'stuff'.  I have places I always go but not all the time.  It is interesting when I feel the urge to go somewhere that is when I find the most loveliest things.
 These are my favorite book finds that will be used at backgrounds in my art journals or in my mixed media canvas.  Total cost under $5 for all of it!      


Debbie P said...

You have inspired me to keep the bits of life. I love how your layout turned out. And I never thought of collecting Atlas books from Goodwill, etc. Excellent idea! See, this is why I love blogs!!! tfs!

Pothys said...

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