Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have never been one to believe in magic or illusion.  I want to see things how they really are, slowing down to 'see' life.  When you do this I guess magic does happen, like yesterday when this beautiful dragonfly landed on my husbands work gloves. To think I almost got angry over him not putting them away!

As I looked at this beautiful guy I realized again the God is all about the details in life.  He sees me and hears me!  As this dragonfly sat on my finger I could feel his heart beat.  His wings started to buzz a bit.  It didn't take to long before he received enough warmth that he was off on a new adventure.  Thank you God for winking at me!  You knew exactly what I needed and I am so glad!!

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Debbie P said...

That is so awesome! We had one land on my car antennae one day and the kids were just amazed how long he stayed there while we were driving. Wish I had a photo of it! They really are lovely aren't they!