Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 things I love right now!!

Here is to the month of October, taking time to finish and publish 10 things on the 10th!  Amazing I know! 

1. Cooler weather, peri-menopause and I don't seem to be getting along these days.  The cooler weather does wonders!

2.  The quiet time before everyone gets up in the morning.  I will NEVER take that for granted!

3.  My blog, even if it is neglected right now.   

4.  You wonderful people that keep coming back to check what I'm up too.

5.  Fall leaves and each one of the colors that are showing right now.

6.  The chance to take a break from the garden.  I need to be able to not feel guilty for letting it take a backseat right now.

7.  Banana Bread and Blueberry scones

8.  White Chocolate Mocha's and looking forward to Egg Nog Lattes

9.  Having the healing release of drawing Petite Dolls, I have close to 12 waiting to come to life 

10.  My children, being able to realize that they have all turned out pretty darn good.

1 comment:

Flora said...

I'm loving some of these things right now, too, especially the white chocolate mocha.