Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Divine appointments

Do you believe in them?  I sure do.  I believe He is here, walks with us even when we can't see anything in front of us.  I have had a few of them the last couple of weeks so I thought I would share them here.  Maybe it might help you to walk with a little more purpose if you are scared. 

I honestly haven't had the best few months.  Adjusting to so much, feeling invisible to everything around me and having to shoulder so much on my own(or at least it has seemed like it).  Good days have been few and far between.  I finally pushed the fear away with the help of a wonderful hour long worship service I found on YouTube.  It was a day that I just allowed myself to be quiet, no distractions so I could allow my focus to be on Him.  Tears fell for me that day and it was so what I needed to feel close to God, to know He had my back always.

Since then I have gone into the doctor to just talk about a list of things that I was really afraid of.  With a lot of encouragement from some very special ladies in my life I was able to walk with a confidence I haven't had in awhile.  Today I am waiting for my blood work to come back to see where I am in this journey of peri menopause along with a few other things.  It is amazing to me the people He brings into your life at just the right time.  The people I didn't think I needed were the ones I have needed the most!  Thank you ladies, you know who you are, my Brave lovelies!

Today was a day off for me, just with a few simple errands that needed to be done.  One of those things I treated myself to a coffee and a double chocolate brownie, after all I had just fasted 12 hours so I could have my blood work done.  I was just going to head home but I felt I needed to sit down in one of the comfy leather chairs.  A nice lady came up and was sitting waiting for someone.  We introduced ourselves and that is where the day and time became divine!  I honestly don't remember everything we talked about but I just shared my heart.  I do remember sharing about my trip to Nebraska over a year ago now, about the key things I have learned as being a part of Brave Girls.  She then began to tell me how she just lost her Aunt Jewel a couple of weeks ago and she has been feeling led to call her Uncle who lives in Nebraska.  She then blessed me by thanking me for talking to a complete stranger, blessing her life with my words and allowing her to bless me.  That is exactly what she did today.  Everything about what I am doing right now for my daughter, grand kids and the rest of my family is just plan hard most days.  It is nice to know that God is right their, He has my back always!  Thank you God for Marion, may you bless her in the journey she has before her!

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painterchic said...

goosebumps tears and cheers along with a big long hug and a smile <3
much love and admiration for you Juel xo