Thursday, April 23, 2015

I promised I would share about Brave Girl Camp so hear I go.....

September 2014, I went to Brave Girl Camp, it was a 50th birthday present to myself since it fell on my birthday.  I went with no expectations and knowing I would enjoy myself.  I was so relaxed that sleep came easy.  The friendships that were forged I am sure will be in my life in one form or another forever.  Everyone that was there spoke into my life in one form or another, probably when they didn't even know it was happening.

The attention to detail that the staff gave to everything you put your hands to was incredible.  From signs all around the property, to each meal or snack.  It was wonderful to be pampered and not to have to do dishes.   Most of all I felt so much love!  That kind of love helps you to truly love and forgive yourself, to keep moving forward.  It really is a glorious thing!


So when I came home I didn't want to share with anyone for a long time.  I needed to sit with it for a while and just allow it all to become part of me.  I was happy and content for the first time in such a long time.  I finally felt at peace with myself and everything going on around me.  It makes me happy that still over six months past camp and I still feel the same way as when I came home.  For me this is something that was life changing.  I'm looking forward to going again, when I don't know but I am sure that God's got it all worked out already.  I just have to keep allowing Him to guide my path.  

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