Monday, October 22, 2007

Ready Mom?????
I can't help but wonder if as a mom you are truly ever ready for your babies to get older. My youngest is inching closer to being a teenager and it seems she is changing everyday. When did she start to get a womanly figure anyway? I know it happens but geeeshh, can't my baby stay a baby for just a little while longer?? Probably not...........I'm thankful she isn't showing to much interest in boys her age other than to have them as friends. I'm sure she has her eye on one and I hate it admit it but their is probably a young boy or two that is setting his sites on her. Let's just hope they continue to stay scared of girls for a little bit longer!!

So to you my darling daughter, I wish you a little belated birthday. Never doubt, how much I love you so desperately.
Keep smiling, laughing and choosing to be happy creating joy in your everyday life!! You have brought me many days of happiness as a mom, even through the days of misunderstandings, that bring us both to tears. Hold onto your faith in God and keep an open ear to him as we enter into another year of adventure in your wonderful, beautiful life.
I thank God for gracing me with your presence. What joy and sunshine you bring to my days!!

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