Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Updated Sites and Sounds......
So my more later, has turned into MUCH later. Oh well, just enjoying what time I had with my daughter/granddaughter. Soaking up every possible minute and getting in as many hugs and loves as I possibly could from each of them.

A harvest of fruits and vegetables were found everywhere we went in Pike's Place. My family was getting a little irritated at me, as I was taking pictures of things I love about this place. I will share more later as the urge comes over me.

The same weekend that we picked up the girls was my birthday. What a wonderful present.........I really didn't plan the flight that way but it was a bonus! My morning was greeted with a smiling, little blonde headed girl saying 'Hi'. Followed later that day, with lunch/dinner(or lunner, as my children call it) with my Dad and Step-mom. To which I received a beautiful new set of Prismacolored pencils from my parents and flowers from my youngest daughter Michaela. The flowers have faded away but they were just beautiful. The pencils have yet to be sharpened because I just love the newness of them. I'm sure it won't be to long before the day is taken to sharpen each one. I already have my sketch pad ready, just putting a new cover on it this week.

Health.......I had my consultation with my surgeon Dr. Young, very nice man and took the time to explain what he would be doing. What I could expect after surgery and the weeks to follow. After a little bit of a snafu with the insurance company surgery, was scheduled for Monday, September 17. Everything went fine and they only had to take out my left thyroid. I was more sore, I believe from the breathing tube that had to put down my throat durning surgery than the surgery itself. The only thing that was frustrating was that the meds they had me on caused me to get dizzy, which then caused me to have a migraine, to which I would take migraine medication that made me more sleepy. A total double edged sword. I talked to the surgeons office the Thursday after surgery and told them what was happening. They said as long I was not in extreme pain then I could stop taking the pain medication......yippee!! No more migraines after that was done. At the same time they heard back from the pathologist who was doing further tests on the tumor they took out. There is no cancer!

It is interesting how you can pretend that you are okay, on the outside and then you get good news that your fear is not reality. I spent a little time crying and thanking my gracious God before breaking the news to my family. Things like this make you slow down and enjoy what is right in front of you. So that is what I've done the last few weeks, slowed down, enjoyed being alive and healthy. Being able to chase after my Grand-daughter, having her take a few steps to me sharing a cookie that she had had in her mouth(no I didn't eat it, just gave it back) and spending a 'little' more on coffee with my daughter. It was a simply wonderful time.

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