Monday, February 04, 2008

Headache days.........

They are what you make of them. I've learned that I can't always sleep away my days, when I have a migraine. This one was brought on by two factors......One, stupid PMS which I think someone shouldn't get after they have hystorectomies! Two, Hubby and I went out with some friends Friday night to a local pub, I had one drink! Next morning it brings on this stupid headache sooooo I've been trying to be nice.

My LOAD layouts got of order because of my computer crash. I was able to take them off the cd I burned so I am picking where I had left off number wise yesterday. I'm starting with these because this is the month of LOVE and I LOVE Valentine's Day!!

Day 22, A layout about the song called 500 miles. Photos are from my DH's phone while he was driving home a few weeks ago.

Day 23, Second layout explaining how many miles he drives just to be home with his family.

Day 24, The starting page for a mini book for my youngest daughter for Valentine's Day.

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