Monday, February 18, 2008

Time just slips away........
Always in one form or another. You give birth, people in your life die, and life just seems to go on. Sometimes you don't care but other days it is the moments you hold onto. You try your best to make sure that the one's you love 'really know it'. Life just goes on and it makes some of the things you have been holding onto seem less important. I guess what it comes down to, life is about loving the ones that are in your life. Being able to say that you can look beyond the hurt that has been caused, be able to say that dispite that hurt that you are okay, that you STILL love without any reservations. Alot of 'stuff' has been going on that has brought on these thoughts of reflection, that no one may even understand. What is important is I am getting it......How to LIVE LIFE and REALLY be HAPPY, without wondering if it is all an act. I do have my days that I feel like I am acting in some big play of life. It seems surreal, and like yesterday that I was holding each one of my newborn children. The times we have faced , each one bringing a little more wisdom and making us into the strong person we didn't think we were.
I've been busy creating and putting together some fun things for my Grandchildren. Spring is in the air, tulips are starting to push themselves out of the ground, sure hope it isn't to soon! To celebrate life and spring I will be starting to paint the inside of my house in a few weeks. I've decided that even if I have to do it alone that I NEED to feel a bit more life in the house, the white walls are going. and will be replaced with color.
I finished the LOAD challenge last month with these layouts.

Day 29, Sneakers his first day in the house meeting Rylo, our Yorkie mix. It was funny to watch Rylo react to him. I swear he was trying to ignore that fact that he now had a cat in his house. As seen in other layouts they are now best buddies.

Day 30, A series of photos taken by my brother Jason, when he came to visit a couple of years ago. They are of some property my Dad owned and were we spent a good part of our lives as kids.

Day 31, The journalling holds for me the 'why' I've chosen to live here in this city, in this valley. These have been healing pages for me and have brought on a lot of the feelings exspressed in the begining of this post.

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