Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It finally happened

We've lived here now for 4 months. This past Saturday we traveled to Yakima to check on the house, visit family and I got a chance to stop by to see my friend Brenda at Scrapbook Central. I've missed her so much! The reaction from my Grand daughter seeing me was priceless! I so loved every minute of hugging on both my Grand babies.

So driving home from Yakima back to Spokane I realized I was going home. So my new home finally feels like home! I feel like I belong and realized I do a pretty good job of keeping my house running. It just felt so good to feel it.

The only thing bad, is I woke up Sunday morning with the worst head cold. It is one of those that you sneeze, cough for what seems like hours and have so much sinus pressure that you think your head is going to come off. At least today I can take a deep breathe and not cough!!


Lynette said...

Hi Juel...I agree grand bambinos are the best!!! I hope your head cold is gone.:)

Stampin n da Hood said...

Awwww...can't wait to see pix of the granbabies!
Hope you feel better soon!