Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cold but Simply Beautiful

It was beautiful today. Everyone was out and about getting ready for Christmas. Also making sure they are all stocked up with food before the another storm hits tonight sometime.
We made a run to the grocery store for a few things, had coffee at Borders and bought a few Christmas presents. I spent a couple of hours at home by myself while Bruce went out again with the kids so they could do there Christmas shopping. They are at least excited because they are both in their rooms wrapping. It was a nice little time alone even if I only took a shower.
I've taken some really nice photos of the neighborhood the last couple of days. It sure is quiet when it is cold outside. I really do love the snow, there is something about knowing that God created each and everyone of the snowflakes that fall to the ground. No two are alike.....I like that thought.

Looking for something fun to do? Creating Keepsakes is trying to get a nationwide ornament drop going. You make a homemade ornament, then place it somewhere that someone can find it. There is a special tag you can attach so they will know where to go. Here are my two that I dropped today. First little guy put onto a chair at Borders and second in a pile of onions at the grocery store.

I'm looking forward to sharing more about these as they are put special places. Just hope sometime I will be able to see people's faces too!

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