Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last week wasn't a good week for me. I spent all week sorting and organizing through digital photos on my computer. Which lead me to looking at photos of my Grand babies. A grief came over me and honestly it was hard for me to see the screen.
As I sat at my computer I listened to worship music and heard songs again that gave me a bit of hope. Crying and praying was all I could do as I looked at the beautiful faces I LOVE so very much! I realized again, that I am not in control of anything in my life or the lives of my children. God Himself is playing what I like to see as a symphony in my life and the lives of my children. As a parent I have responsibilities to care for them, love them when they fall and teach them where I can. However, if they choose to do something else I have to be okay with it. That is the way they learn and as the years have gone by it has become easier to Let Go and Let God. I'm thankful God is in control because honestly I don't want to be. My life is better when I just let him guide me to make the right decisions in everything.

So last week was this little man's birthday! I couldn't post my birthday wishes for him because I couldn't get them out, without tears. So today I want to wish 'The Little Bear' a belated Happy Birthday. I wish for you to be strong, to always bring joy to everyone's life that you touch. May the sparkle in your eyes always remain and be able to see the good in every situation as you grow strong. Always know that where ever you are Little Bear, your Granny loves you more!
As my heart is healing thoughts of Valentine's Day are coming into my mind. I LOVE Valentine's Day for a couple of reasons. It was the day I committed my life to the Lord and the day I knew I would love my DH forever. Both are the biggest decisions and most important that I have made in all my life. So this is the very reason I just have to take another wonderful class from Wilna! I LOVE her teaching style and the projects she puts together. Be sure to go check out her blog and she'll tell you how to sign up to come and enjoy in the fun.

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Kathy said...

Juel, I want to give you a super duper ((((( HUG )))))!