Tuesday, January 06, 2009

NO School and more snowy weather!

So tomorrow marks the third day of no school for the kids. The weather just isn't being helpful. We were suppose to see a little bit of warming starting today but it is looking like a rain/snow mix. I'm happy that the school district is keeping the safety of the children at the top. With no side walks at this point in time, everyone is forced to walk in the road.
Our snowbanks are 8 feet high and most off all we are doing by hand with snow shovels. We NEED a snow blower!! No one to be found in Spokane or as far as Walla Walla....sigh. Snow shovels sell out as fast as they get in and if you need one you better be willing to stand in a long line to get it! The bottom photo is my son trying to climb up the snowbank....I think he is loosing! Snow level is 76" and counting.
I think tomorrow will be a good day to bake some cookies!!


Anonymous said...

Juel - Susan here from "My Hunk of the World"

I just got your comment and YES I sent out emails ages ago...well, emails and comments on blogs. I wasn't posting to my blog in October - out of the office almost ALL MONTH LONG. I think I had 3 people not respond to either my comments or email links.

If you'd still like one of these little Mono Mini shoot me your email address - I'll even let you choose the color (yellow, orange, coral or deep pink) susankeuter@gmail.com

ekkemom@hotmail.com said...

Juel, That's Ethan! How tall is he now? Evan is a senior this year (how did that happen?) and is about 6'4". Kaesha is 16 found her first boyfriend(thank God he lives in Idaho)who introduced her to texting one month phone bill 260.00. Aren't teenagers fun?Keaton is 10, & Emma 7 I can't believe how fast the years fly by, e-mail me so we can catch up! ps moderation is a great word! Darcee