Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break on it's way

We are coming up on Spring Break next week and I've found myself reflecting on the different place I was at last year. I was grieving the loss of my brother, getting a house ready to put on the market, power cleaning, sorting through stuff to get rid of and packing. It feels like it was a different life.

Fast forward a year......I feel like I have been here for more than just 8 months, that everything else was a dream. It is actually a pretty weird feeling. My house is unpacked and getting organized. The kids are settled in school and looking forward to Spring Break. Instead of heading out of town for Spring Break, we will start to discover this place that we live. Take the time to find the special shops that the kids have been wanting to check out but especially just enjoy ourselves.

One more thing done in my scrapbook corner. I have these drawer units that I have had for years and they hold everything!! I haven't really known where everything is in these drawers for months so I started a few months back just labeling drawers. Then cut background texture paper as deep as each of the drawers and just placed the pieces to the front. There is a little lip so there was no need to mount the paper on cardstock. The only draw back is I have to actually read my labels!! Now, where are my glasses again??

This week I made a trip to my favorite store, Tuesday Mornings. I have found so many wonderful things in this store since we have lived here so I have to be VERY careful when I do go. This week I found American Crafts Modern 8 1/2x11 D-ring binders, which I have been wanting for sometime, to house our slide collection from years ago. They had 3 in Lime Green and for $6.99 a piece, it was such a deal!! I just LOVE good deals!!!

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Anonymous said...

Man I envy your organized stamping area, will you come help me???
I also love Tues mornings, my sister up there always tells me about the great finds she got there. There is one in Kennewick, so last time we were there, we shopped, and got tons of stuff, for not much money. I sure wish we had one here. I heard of another great shop called Real Deals, and they have one of those up there too. Google it, it looks neat. helen