Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

With all things wedding! Even though there has been so much to do I am having a real good time. It is super fun to watch my daughter's ideas come together. I feel totally blessed that she is allowing me to help her.

I believe except for the food we will be making for the wedding reception I'm almost done purchasing things. Which is wonderful feeling! Not to much cooking to be done strictly because we are keeping it small, under 30 people plus making it a potluck reception. We are making cupcakes and a 6" cake instead of a large wedding cake which will help in the dollar department. When you don't have a lot of freezer or storage space you have to make do somehow. The week before the wedding will be filled with baking, baking and more baking!!

The flowers are purchased and waiting to be put into bouquet and archway. I was not sure of Angela's color choices but they are beautiful and bright. More to come.......

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