Sunday, August 09, 2009

Happy August!

It has been so hot the past few weeks! It makes me just want to stay in doors, even if I need to go grocery shopping. I'm happy that the last two days it has been in the mid 70's, a total relief. We even had a little bit of rain.
A few weeks ago I stumbled onto such a good deal! I went to my local nursery looking for a few flowers that I could possibly add to the backyard for the wedding. I was so happy to find that all the flowers were 75% off!! So I purchased a $190 worth of flowers for $50 to add to my garden. What a blessing. They are now all filling in quite nicely and will look wonderful for the wedding which is in 4 weeks.
So speaking of weddings........The invitations to the wedding are out.
The bouquet and boutonniere are made. I only need to work on the archway and a smaller bouquet to be able to be thrown, which will be happening this week.
The recipes given to me have been tried for the cupcakes and I have learned that all cake recipes are not made to be cupcakes!! So, I have been searching for a recipe that could be used for both cake and cupcakes. I have finally found it and it is the most wonderfully recipe I have used in a long time. I will be using it for a long time to come, it is right up there with the Red Velvet cake. You can find it here.

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What a great deal on the flowers!