Sunday, December 13, 2009


So I haven't liked busyness for a long time. I'm much happier if I can just slow down, not have anything planned at all do things spare of the moment. Of course with two teenagers in the house life is sometimes busy but I count myself fortunate that my teens like to have their down time. However this Christmas season we are doing everything possible to slow way down and shop for the things that mean the most instead of buying mindless gifts. The most exciting thing that is going on is we, meaning the children and I are taking one of my girlfriends little girls for a few days in the next couple of weeks. We will be helping her make gifts for her family members, she is in first grade so this is a pretty big deal. They drop her off and are able to get some shopping done without little eyes around. The BEST thing out of all of this, we have made a new set of friends.

I received one of my Christmas gifts early this year just so I could use it before Christmas. I got one of these, yes I got the Apple green. I'm so excited!! I made a Christmas Rum cake yesterday and it was sooo good!! Enjoy, make one for yourself and do let it soak up all the glaze, it is worth it!

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