Thursday, December 03, 2009

What I'm loving right now

I'm loving, Tim Holtz 12 tags of Christmas. Yes, I know it is only day three but oh my gosh! He is an incredible artist!! If you like Tim's tags you might just like these by Ellen Hudson, she is following Tim in creating tags.

I'm loving, what Heidi Swapp and Teresa Collins are doing. They are two of the people that are on my I love their product list. Do you have one of those or am I the only one? All the kits they put together are sold out, dang it! If you love it, make sure you email Heidi and get put on a waiting list. Who knows, they might try to make a few more.

I'm loving, this idea from Stacy Julian and have already made a trip to Target for the albums. They also had them in black......nice. The goal with this project is to pick out a few Christmas photos and put them together for my children. Kids.....forget what you just read!

I'm also LOVING, that these two are exspecting thier first baby sometime in July!! This means that with my lovely daughter Nicole exspecting #3 in February and Angela in July I will have 5 grandbabies and will have surpassed my own number of children. That is a weird thought and the fact that I still have two teenagers at home......ya, I do believe we could reach 10 someday.

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