Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time marches on

I have felt like a deadbeat blogger but then I have to remember the reason I started this blog.  I did it for me, a place where I felt I could share just about anything, while still keeping some stuff private.  Sometimes it is okay to take a break from something that means a lot to you, for me this time it has been blogging.  I wanted to wait until I felt the need to start again not because my faithful few want to hear from me.  To me there is no life to what you say, inless you wait for the right time, timing is everything and waiting well it is hard.  The waiting does pay off so if you are struggling with something, looking for answers, sit back breathe and take it all in.  Wait, just wait because your time will come.  Whether we want it to or not time marches on, we all get older, we face losses of differant kinds but my friends in the long run after some waiting it gets better.  Really it does.

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