Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What define's you?

There is a lot of ways you can answer this question.  For me today it is about this challenge with Stacy Julian, What's in your purse.  I took this photo a few days ago and surprisingly this was a clean purse.  I usually have so many receipts hanging out of my purse that all I can do is shove them back in.          
On this day for me it meant I got a few errands done!  I returned some scrapbook paper to Michael's(gasp!) receiving a card to use later, which makes me happy.  A couple of gift cards purchased, a stop for coffee for needed that, cell phone bill paid, a stop at Old World Market for some on sale Guacachips, which is weird because I don't like Guacamole but I love these, didn't get more the orange ribbon purchased but that happened on Monday.  All the rest of the things are normal for my purse, calendar, small spiral notebook, checkbook, beaded coin purse, leather purse, blue pocketbook, J purse and surprise only ONE pen!  All my little purses hold things that are important.  I do try to keep somewhat organized.          


William said...
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Casey Wright said...

It always feels good to clean out the purse!!! I'm in the bling your blog class, so I'm just checking out everyone's blogs - yours looks great!