Saturday, June 26, 2010

A bit weird

I just love weekends, especially when I get a chance to be up before everyone else.  The house is so quiet, it starts it out right for me.  Next school year I need to remember this, maybe I'll make a habit of it.  This weekend also marks a start to a very differant summer for this family.  We are all doing differant things for the next couple of weeks.  My son is traveling to CA to spend time with his Uncle, my youngest and I will be traveling with my Step Mom to NE and my husband has graciously agreed to stay home to watch the animals and work.  His vacation time is already set for later in July.  It is just a bit weird to realize we won't be together.  I will use this time with my youngest daughter to just do as much relaxing as possible and try not to miss my boys to much.

The last week we have been in full get ready mode.  Last minute chores to do, suitcases to dust off, trying to figure out what to pack and we have also been creating.  Silly as it might be, when I go on a trip I like to have a couple of new things a purse/tote bag, a pair of fuzzy socks and a couple of new clothing items.  My youngest has been wanting to learn how to sew and it was the plan to do that this summer.  So we have taken the week to make that a reality and kill two birs with one stone, we made tote bags and I made a new purse.  The pattern for the tote bag was a challenge for a beginner like my daughter but she did well.  I am very proud of her!  You can find the pattern for the Amy Butler Birdie Sling tote bag here and the Bow Tucks Tote/Purse by Quilts illustrated here

So here is to the start of a wonderful summer!   

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