Friday, June 18, 2010

On it's way?

It is the last day of school, if you can really call it a day.  Seriously, do they really need to go to school for a total of three hours?  It has been over a week that I have had a hard time getting my children out of bed, there is NO motivation what so ever.  We are all excited about our plans for the summer, which I HOPE all work and no one is disappointed.  I am however really wondering if the summer weather will ever get here?  We are 10 to 15 degrees lower than we should be for this time of the year.  I know it is better than having 100 degree weather at least for me but I REALLY need the rain to stop doing it's thing everyday.

The last few months for me have been a jump start to getting things done, mainly scrapbooking projects.  I have discovered again through LOAD a few things.  I LOVE this hobby of mine and I believe I am over the guilt of every being caught up, it is pretty freeing.  I have learned about my style, what colors I use the most and what I love to do on my pages.  I have learned I am not a digital scrapbooker because I have this love affair with paper and pretty things.  I just LOVE it to much!  I know there are pretty things for the digital scrapbooker but reality is I am a hands on woman.  I have also been able to start to pin point the things I have purchased and just don't use.  Again pretty freeing to say it is okay to not use that and turn around, selling it to someone who will.  In my case it puts money in my pocket, so I can take a couple of online classes learning more about product that I own but haven't really used.  Like this class with Claudine Hellmuth and if you want to see a preview of what she has in store you can go to her blog.  With the help of LOAD in February and Shimelle's class I started on a road to spending less on scrapbooking supplies and actually using what I have.  Again freeing, especially walking into a store and looking around and saying........ya know, nothing really jumps out at me on a got to have list.

I shared my layouts in February here on my blog from LOAD but have decided to just post a link to my flickr gallery for the May LOAD.  I also completed my two oldest daughter's wedding albums, that you can see here and here, if you so desire.  For my own fun purpose I am keeping track of how many layouts I do this year and how many photos I will end being used.  Through the end of May, I have made 132 layouts and have used 512 photos.  When I started scrapbooking years ago it was with Creative Memories and I cut my photos into weird shapes.  I have also made a promise to myself that I will use those photos even if they are cut into weird shapes.  So if you see those weird shapes in some of my layouts you will know why.  Enjoy looking!!  Come back and let me know what you think.

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