Friday, August 03, 2012


A common theme right now in my life is finding the little things that are hiding to make me slow down.

A hummingbird similar to this photo, that my sister in law took, visiting me one afternoon on my deck.  He hummed right in front of my face for what seemed like five minutes but I know it was only a few seconds.

A raspberry and a kiwi that have heart shapes in them. 

Getting a chance to hold a dragonfly before he warmed up enough to fly away.

One morning starting my weekly laundry, looking outside the window and seeing a hummingbird.  Another picture from my sister in law!

I have been surprised how just the few little things make a day turn from bad to good.  I would love to say that I have had a summer filled with lots of happy and laughing times, that would not be truth.  I have had to find my peace within myself, not always an easy task.

I have discovered that if I am not feeling secure in being a Mom I will spend money.  It is actually been nice to embrace this reality and come to terms with it.  It has helped me to focus and start spending less money.  I am actually very proud of myself for not using my credit card as much as I had been.  It is so freeing.  So much that I was able to purchase a beautiful piece of furniture.  It holds 85% of our DVD's and all our VHS's!   

I can't say I am done hiding from blogland but I am working so much out right now.  It is all good!!  Thank you for sticking around!!

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Just a Simple Gal - Judy in Huntsville - AL said...

love this - a couple of years ago 'magic' was my one little word for the year - and that's what you've been doing this summer - you're looking for - and noticing the magic all around us that God blesses us with if we only look - keep looking!
- you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!