Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good morning!  Tracey and Jess, please email me with your contact information so I get things out to you as soon as possible. 

Lately I have had to face a few things about myself and while it isn't easy somehow I muddle through.

I tend to get caught up in looking for something to the point of getting really angry at myself.  This has happened many times over my life.  I even pride myself in knowing where all my stuff is because it helps me to not get angry, most of the time.  All my not so used stuff is in one full row and one corner of my garage.  When we moved in 2008 I downsized quite a bit and put my stuff into large plastic covered bins.  As each year goes by I have been able to let go of more stuff, it does feel good as you lighten your load.  When I downsize, I KNOW I have whatever I am looking for, in this case it was a pattern for a doll and I can actually see the pattern that I am looking for in my mind.  I'm not sure if this is an anxiety issue or what but I will literally loose sleep over it until whatever I am looking for is found.  It is like my brain is going a hundred miles an hour, flipping like an old film real retracing every step I have taken while putting things away.   So how do I deal with it?  I have to make myself slow down and pray.  The answer doesn't always come right away but this time I felt a peace with in minutes.  Then with all the gentleness God whispered why don't you look in the storage box at the base of your bed?  Yep, looking for the pattern for four days and where is it all a long?  My old toy box that has been at the base of my bed for years with my needlework.  Just shook my head at myself.  Next time I will just go to God first when I need help finding something, then I can be easier on myself.   

In thinking about Christmas for my Grandchildren I didn't have problems picking out what I wanted to do for the young ones but my oldest Granddaughter, she is a whole new story.  She is a smart young girl with a mind of her own, who has yet to find exactly what she likes to do.  Barbies don't work so I am going to make her a doll in hopes that she will click with her.  Yes, I realize there is only a couple of weeks until Christmas but I haven't felt anything for Christmas this year so I am going with what excitement as it comes.  I have been shopping Goodwill, Value Village, thift stores for just the right little outfits for her doll.  Many hours have been put in on my sewing machine.  I'm so excited, it is nice!   

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Jess said...

I'm sure your granddaughter is going to love the doll you make her. It will be so special. I still keep things I should have "outgrown" that my granny made for me.

P.S. Did my e-mail get through to you?