Thursday, May 01, 2008


For anyone that comes across this little blog, that doesn't get updated very often PLEASE, PLEASE pray for the sale of our house. We made the decision this week to drop our price by $10,000. Our realtor agreed with us and did take a look again at the prices around Yakima. They are right in line with everyone else so we feel confident that this was the right thing to do. Next week will be another realtor walk through and probably an open house.

I'm remaining creative and cleaning up after myself, which is a big feet in itself!! I tend to leave my projects out until completed......hello, doesn't everyone? I made a decision to teach at my local scrapbook store this weekend for National Scrapbook Day, so I'm looking forward to doing something for me. It gives me the warm fuzzies to help other people with what I LOVE to do! So four mini classes, three demos with the chance of some hands on for those attending. Then one with just a talk about color, how it pertains to our life as scrapbookers,which will lead into how to pick mats for your photos. A number of years ago I taught this same class as part of a workshop I did. It went over well so with a new group that it would be fun to pull something from my archives.

On my to do list today, which I will bore you with since I'm hoping if I write it here it will get all done!!
*Day starts with picking up the house in case it is shown.
*Onto a couple of errands
*Another cup of coffee to drink
*A a quilt to start on for my niece, fabric is cut just need to start sewing
*Pull everything for my classes together, in one place
*Figure out what projects I'm going to work on for National Scrapbook Day. I will be at the scrapbook store for 14 hours. So help me I better get something done!! lol
*Figure out a meal for this evening.......... I'm thinking soup.
*Love on the man of my dreams, who is coming home today! It will be so nice to have him around more often. Yes, an adjustment but such a long time in coming!! I am sooo ready!

Dang, I'm getting tired just looking over the get started!! Remember to pray!!

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Kathy said...

Juel, I pray that your home sells quickly and that you and your family are going to find that special place to live next! I also pray for good health for you and yours as well.