Thursday, March 03, 2011

Doing things anyway

Somehow, somewhere I learned to do things anyway.  It has been that way for as long as I can remember.  It is strange though, when you don't remember much of your childhood to not even really know when you got to be so strong.  I am choosing however to believe it happened over a lifetime.

These are my Anyway pages from Soul Restoration.  The birds I found before Christmas and just stamped several out, cutting them out and placing them over the punched vine and flowers.  I just love how they turned out.

I am choosing to believe what Melody Ross said to us in class one day..........When you go through things you are extremely qualified to help someone where no one else would be.  You are trust worthy because you have been there.  I remember a very dear friend telling me the exact same thing about 10 years ago so what Melody said was just a wonderful reminder.  I do wish more people believed this and that there would be more trust so that people didn't think they add reinvent the wheel.

Be sure to come back this way over the weekend.  A few my new Brave Girls sisters and I have to put together a Soul Restoration Blog Hop.  I'll be doing a fun little give away.  See you soon!    


emily said...

I love your She did it anyway pages, I still haven't done mine, finding it hard because for a long time i didn't do it anyway, changing that now.

fairyrocks said...

Very nicely done, I will be taking the Brave Girls classes soon.
Thanks for sharing,
Keep smiling and creating

scrapwordsmom said...

Really great, Juel. I have that same bird stamp and really love it...reminds me of all the truth that's out there that I need to listen to:)

You are after me on the Hop this weekend!! Hooray! Writing my post now:)


Lynn said...

Wow! Love this!! So inspiring.