Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I didn't really know until today how much of a routine person I have become.  There is that saying "When Momma ain't happy, no body's happy".  Yep, that would be me when it comes to my routine.(Thank you Flylady!)  Mess with how I like to do things and you may just have one angry Momma on your hands.  Now, don't get me wrong over the years I have learned to make adjustments and not be so controlling about said routines.  I am happy to bend when necessary for company, days of illness or just spontaneous fun. 

However, at this point in time I have a problem.........We moved here 3 years ago, this upcoming June and the only routine this Momma has is avoiding the things that need to be done.  I haven't been able to find what works for me now.  You would think I could keep it the same as before but it just isn't working.  A few years ago I was at a very special friends house and I noticed her to do list on her refrigerator.  It said "Love the House Day"(at least I think I am remembering it right) and I asked her what that meant.  She told me that her house needed to be loved just as much as her family.  So just like she set aside time to be with family, she set aside time to take care of the house.  For some reason what had always seemed like chores to me became something I did out love.  What a change that was! 

Today was a breakthrough day and I am on my way to finding my happy routine.  At this point in time.....Wednesday's mark my "Love the House Day", which includes the things I don't really like to do but need to be done.  Dusting, vaccuming corners and cleaning my bathroom.  Thursday's mark starting laundry and which gets finished up on Friday.  The whole goal of my happy routine is to be able to free up our weekends as the warmer weather approaches.   So looking forward to the evenings after dinner in the garden!!  

So please share with me, do you have a rountine?  What do you do that just makes your home happy?


Donna said...

So you do FlyLady too? I've tried but don't stick with it, I get overwhelmed. let me know how it works for you! Nice post! Donna

charli said...

my house is feeling unloved in the dusting department, but the computer area is loving me back since I spend so much time here!