Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The winner is........

BUT first I need to let you all know how much I appreciated each one of your comments and have read them all.  They were all so touching.  Welcome to all my new followers.  I hope you will enjoy the journey I share here.

I believe that there is a God that knows what each and everyone of us needs to continue on our own journey.  He puts things in our paths that can result into beautiful things.  When I went to the Random generator I plugged in the numbers, then went back to my list of comments.  I counted and then relized that one of the most touching comments for me was the person who received the blog gift.  This is so like God to provide something special to help someone along their way. 

So to number 35, Kristy you are the winner!!       
Kristy said, "I am so loving this BG blog hop ! Being able to read your stories and sing praises for SR at BGC is wonderful .I am so excited to say I am signed up for the April session. IS it April yet ? I have been so touched by your story and for being brave enough to post it. I am happy to add you to my following list. I would just die to win this amazing gift. I am on a journey to heal after the death of my dear husband in July 2010. On a journey of discovery and being Brave in my new "Widow" walk. I am over the top with joy that you girls put this together. What a wonderful gift to all of us !! Hugs.. KRisty ...Krissi57 at BGC...You can reach me at my blog...http://myhealingthroughartstory.blogspot.com/ "

I linked Kristy's blog so you lovelies can go leave her some sisterly love.  Her artwork through healing is amazing, which makes God pretty amazing!!  Blessing to you my new Brave Girl Sister!!


Dawn @ Seeking Sense said...

That is fantastic, congratulations Kristy!

Kristy said...

Oh my !!! I am in shock !!! Thank you so very much !! I am over the top with happiness,joy and excitement. I will really be ready for SR1 now !! Thank you for making my day !! Hugs... Kristy