Friday, May 27, 2011

My weekend

Well hubby has taken youngest daughter and 3 of her girlfriends to Whistling Jack's Lodge for the weekend! My son went on a school trip to Seattle so I have the next few days to myself. HHHhhhmmmm, now to just decide what to do first of my list!

1. Make a list of what I want to
2. Watch Take Home Chef on Netflix.....really what is NOT to like about Curtis Stone
3. Work in my messy corner doing some organizing, which really isn't work for me because I LOVE to do and make some ART
4. Package up a VERY special gift for a VERY special lady, to go out in the mail on Tuesday.  After she receives her present I will post.  It turned out so wonderful if I do say so myself!
5. Can't forget to eat, while everyone is gone!  Is it totally sad that I have to actually write this down?
6. Paint or collage on two wonderful wooden boxes I found today at Value Village.  An old 5x7 recipe box and a gift box that held 3 bottles of wine.....hhhmmmm, now to decide what to put on them.  I do believe that the wine box is going to be the new home for some of my special paints, not sure about the 5x7 box.
7. Start the book I have picked out...oh wait, decide which book I want to read first out of two, then start it.
8. Start my art journal
9. Organize some photos so I can get myself in gear to make pages
10. Be sure to eat so I can actually NOT have a headache!
11.  ooooo, maybe I'll go to another Thrift store tomorrow?
12. do a very small amount of chores

What are you doing this weekend?         

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