Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The final list that I decided on for my weekend

1.  Eating consisted of:
Dessert, cheesecake dipped in chocolate with strawberries....Perfect!  Sandwiches choices: Steak or chicken with onions and turkey bacon.  A morning omelet with turkey bacon and cheese. 

2.  A bit of organizing in my corner
3.  Ironing, one pile of two complete
4.  Cleaned our outside refrigerator it was gross....it holds summer things to drink.  
5.  Another Thift store, where I found a mini food processor for $6!!  Now I can make my rib sauce!!  Ya, haven't been able to make that since my big food processor died, 2 years ago.
6.  Watched Netflix and listened to music
7.  Enjoyed time with my son after he got home from his trip Sunday.
8.  Baked some cookies with a bit of extra love!  Can you see the heart?
9.  Waited for my DH and daughter to get back from their trip.......now need to do laundry and get ready for the last two weeks of school!! 

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