Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A little bit of organizing makes me feel so happy!

I four drawers of ribbon plus a mini tote of satin ribbon in my garage.  I think it is safe to say I DON'T NEED any more but sometimes I can't help myself.  So in order to come to a place with my ribbon that I know what I have, it was time to take out the drawers and organize.  It took me close to a week to get them finished.  Now they look so nice.

Another challenge is my little pieces of ribbon.  Ya know the ones that are left over from a roll.  I can't seem to throw them away when they make really cute little knots for projects.  So this past weekend I tackled what I like to call my stuff bag.........the bag I stuff full of those little tiny pieces that I can't throw away.  See the stuff bag migrated to a stuff things anywhere you can, ya it wasn't pretty.  It made me frustrated so then I would just walk away.

Organizing my stuff jars:

My stuff jars after organizing.  The four jars in the left photo had a matching one that was taller but I picked it up and found a nasty crack in it with part of a corner missing.  A disaster waiting to happen so it was time to condence.  One of my yard sale finds this past weekend were the two jars in the right photo, for $1 each.  The fat squatty jar I found a Walmart and bought two for $7.  I still have one empty so there maybe a little more organizing in the future.  I do love how the color shows through, sure makes me happy!   


Last year I started on a journey to use what I have and I've been doing better.  Now that my ribbon is organized I can start to look at what I use the most and downsizing.  I'm looking forward to that!  Do you have something you need to organize?  I would be happy to lend you my ideas because I love helping where I can. 

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