Monday, June 06, 2011

Woke up to this beautiful sight in my garden this morning!  I purchased two plants at the end of the blooming season last year in hopes at least one of them would make it through the winter.  So happy to report that both plants survived.  

In my very first garden over 22 years ago I had poppy's this color and have missed them so much.  My first garden was beautiful, full of so much color and a true labor of love.  When we moved into our next house I was so burnt out on gardening.  I went from having a shade garden to having full sun.  I honestly didn't want to take the time to learn something new.  However the last two years we lived at our house I started to find my love of gardening again.  I found my joy again.  So when we moved here to Spokane, it was a blessing to see that God has known my heart all along.  I have gardens all around my house and I am in love with it all.  Honestly there are a few things that don't tickle my fancy but they make hubby happy so I am willing to give.

So do you have a garden?  What are your favorite things in it?

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