Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A little bit of wonderful

Oh my gosh!  Sunday I went with a friend of mine to the Farm Chicks Antique Show.  If you EVER lack inspiration you should go!  I couldn't stop saying how much I just loved it all.  I did come away with a few fun things which I can't wait to put to use!!

An old cosmetic traveling case, which is going to be repurposed for my small stencils I keep loosing.  It will join my Grandmother's case that I use for my special paints. 

2 wonderful table cloths, will be repurposed into, I'm thinking some cute aprons.

Finally this piece, which caught my eye.  It will be a anniversary gift to my lovely husband.

I did have something special happen to me at the show.  I was able to meet this wonderful lady Jenny Doh.  I have been following her since she started Crescendoh, a beautiful place where artists are highlighted and classes are taught.  It was a complete blessing to be able to tell her how her site has changed my life as an artist.  One of those times in your life that you can't stop from grinning ear to ear, making your face hurt.  I feel as a good shift happened to me when I met her.  Some changes are on the way, it is in the air.   
Image courtesy of Jenny, since I was without my camera.  Thank you Jenny!!  


Donna said...

Nice stuff!! pretty colors, I really like the jug!!

Ella said...

Beautiful blue hues; congrats on meeting Jenny, how fab~
Nice to meet you; I look forward to the Summer of Color challenge~