Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Summer of Color Class started yesterday.  I have pulled a few things together that I want to use.  One of them being my purple/pink moleskin journal that I have been holding onto for just the right project.  The tags were from the Nic Howard Color class I took last fall so I'm thinking they will be a nice addition.  Of course things that aren't pictured that will be used are photos, paper and embellishments.       

Soul Restoration 2, started today.  I am going to be honest......I'm nervous.....already today questions are being asked that I haven't thought about in years.  This week we are to concentrate on journaling through some questions and making our life journal.   

Finishing up She Had Three Hearts, which is so full of techniques it is unbelievable!  Keep and eye open for the class on Christy's blog, if she ever offers it again take it!  I personally haven't done any art journaling for the class.  I have my supplies together but my space seems messy.  So I decided to concentrate on watching all the videos and take loads of notes.  I'm glad I will have access to the videos for a few more weeks after class because that will allow me to put together technique cards. 

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Kristin said...

A PINK Moleskin! Be still my heart! LOVE it - so happy to have you here, Kristin xo