Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here is to the color RED this week at Kristin's blog!  It is hard for me to realize that there is only a couple of more weeks left.  This has been a well needed distraction, thank you Kristin for making this happen.

For me the color red has always been a happy color.  When I think of red I think of my beautiful red headed girls, they bring me much joy.......everything that is red is in their personalities, even as adults.  Red creates warmth, passion and energy.  It can be seen every where if you allow yourself to open your eyes to its beauty. 

It is the color God uses to get my attention and to take my breathe away.  My youngest and I were out for a drive a couple of weeks ago and we went around a corner, we were caught in awe of the beauty. 

Then in my garden this week I found this red lily.  I always seem to forget that they around because there are so few of them.  I think I need to find a place in my front garden for a clump of them because they just make me smile.

So onto my journal page for this week.  Different spots of red that mean alot to me; a red ribbon rose that came from one of my daughter's outfits(she is now 24) and a heart that came on a card that a special friend sent to me.  I painted both pages with red paint first, using a white piece of cardstock as protection of the edges.  I used a piece of the cardstock on the right page as an accent.  The heart from the card is on the left with wings I cut out in thick plastic and accented with white paint.  On the bottom is a back of a self adhesive doily.  I can't see getting rid of them especially when you can use them in mixed media.

A close up of the heart.  Have a great week and look for red, see what you can find!! 


Ella said...

I love all the memories attached to your art; I try to do this too~
What a cutie!
I love the red lily; how unique and special; just like your art n' daughters~

Sandi said...

Very special pages - all of the love comes right through!

Joanna said...

Lovely piece, with so many personal memories that make it really special.

STUNNING lily too!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

love the words hiding behind the power of the color

Denise said...

Loved your photos and the artwork.Denise

Kristin said...

Oh, I love your joyful heart with wings! What a beautiful page full of bold red color and and your thoughts about it. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt page with us, xo

Mandy said...

This is beautiful...and seriously what a beautiful scene just on the side of the road....great photos and gorgeous

Noemi said...

This a beautiful piece, and what is more, it is fantastic the way you have put together so many fond memories.
Joy has been a very important word in my life lately.
"The JOY of the Lord is your strength"
I needed strength, and God has been kind enough to give me that strength trough Joy.

creatingme said...

oh love the patchwork look to this page.