Saturday, July 09, 2011

Resting and Creating

This week has been all about resting, creating and less blogging.  The days are longer and I find myself not sleeping well, loads of tossing and turning.  When you don't sleep well at night it is a struggle to stay awake durning the day and so I tend to find myself taking naps mid afternoon.  It makes me less irritable, which I am sure my family likes.

On the creating front I am busy with Soul Restoration 2 and am feeling a bit behind.  This session is about creating the life you want to live and putting it to a life journal.  This way you can refer to it when you need to be reminded of what your goals are.  It is full of hard but rewarding questions to answer.  The artwork we are going is slowly coming together for me.  It really does make me completely happy.

This week on Kristin's blog, it is all about the color Yellow, which happens to be my least favorite color.  I wouldn't say I never use it but it does take me out of my comfort zone.  This time though it came easy when I went to create my art journal page.

A favorite photo of my youngest daughter when she was just over three years old.  On the left page is a flower she made me just around the same age, it has been on my inspiration board for 13 years!  I'm happy that it has found a permanent home here.  The inside of the flower is filled with green split peas painted black, then sealed with Mod Podge.  On the leaves of the flowers you will find what the color yellow means, followed by things to remember about the color Yellow at the bottom.  Our challenge was to use metallic somewhere, so it is added to the background along with a couple of Martha Stewart punched butterflies.

If my day goes the way I want it today I will be back with more artwork tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to!! 


Donna Peter said...

this is so cute!! Great job!

Sharon said...

Darling and so sweet.