Thursday, July 28, 2011

Almost over?

Purple, Purple, Purple.......I was excited when I had my first daughter because that meant I could dress her in every shade of purple that I could find.  I even taught myself to sew and made her first dress.  I was so proud of myself.  I learned a few things with this little dress....never use velcro 'buttons' on clothing for babies, don't make your elastic to tight around the arms and one can never have to many ruffles even for a baby.

In my garden I LOVE seeing purple.  It makes me happy and calm.  It reminds me of when my girls were young and I had pots of pansies on my deck.  The day after I planted all my pansies all the blooms were gone.  It seemed so strange to me at the time.  I would find out later that while my girls were outside playing they got hungry so they ate all the blooms.  So here is to my garden this year, beautiful purple.

So if you haven't guessed over at Kristin's blog this week we are talking about Purple.  It is hard for me to realize that next week is our last week, where we will be showing off the color Orange.

As this is my first ever art journal I want to just keep things as simple as possible and pretty basic.  More for my photos sake than anything.  Painted straight purple for the base with a design on the right where I added a favorite picture of my son when he was about 2.  He captures my attention even now 16 years later.  I added a bit of bling with a rindstone and iridescent confetti.

A parting shot, remember the Clematis a friend helped me transplant last year?  I thought for sure that I had lost it but all the old growth just died.  It is back and it makes me so happy.  I need to find a way to protect it a bit more from the winter elements.  Any ideas?

So what is making you happy this summer?


Kristin said...

Awe, these are such wonderful pages you are creating - so full of memories - I love this colorful addition and the words you have written in response to purple are a great touch. Thank you for sharing, xo

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh beautiful photos of those flowers. And your Art JOurnal is coming right along!!:)

Anonymous said...

We have had your Clematis for five years along side of the driveway and have never had to worry about them in the winter they just come back bigger and better each year.


Mandy said... how you have shared your dress...your little story made me smile...and that pansy story...a classic...your journal pages are perfect....I thoroughly enjoyed your