Thursday, October 06, 2011

Happiness in the Fall

Fall is here and honestly I am really not ready for it.  I much prefer a bit of sunshine to the dark weather.  I always think I mentally prepare myself for it but it happens, then I find myself in a bit of a funk.  So in order to keep myself out of a bad place I am promising myself that when I feel this way I will be sure to look back on this year to see all the beautiful artwork I've created.  It is bright and happy which I am sure will help my moods.

This is the piece I felt deserved it's own post.  It was weeks in the making after I saw a small nick knack piece at a local grocery store.  It made me happy but the price tag didn't especially for something so small.  Plus I don't really have the space so it just made more sense to take the time to make a canvas.

I put to good use what I learned for Christy Tomlinson in the classes I took from her this year.  Layer upon layer, with hidden messages if you look closely.  People may never really see them but they mean something to me.  This was a healing piece, a testament of sorts to show how far I have come in my life.  Again it just makes me completely happy!

I've always been a detail orientated person.  That is what you will see when you look at it.  After months of it being completed I still can't help but look at it and see something new.  Did I really put that there or is it just something that happened?   The hardest part??  Waiting for each layer to completely dry!  I thought sometimes I would go crazy.  You can't help the urge to touch but then you remember you may just mess it up, so you walk away.  Trust me just walk away from the project, if you face that!  You will be happier!!

Is there something you will hold onto tightly as we go into the holidays, then into a New Year? 

Whatever it happens don't forget to STOP and Enjoy this day that you have been given.      


scrapwordsmom said...

This piece is simply darling!! Thank you for sharing and I love all the layers and that they mean something to you!


Stampin n da Hood said...

cute, cute my friend…great little visual to have handy every day!

Sharon said...

I just found your site. Your Art is just beautiful! This is so cute and I love your colors and the detail. I afraid I am a detailed person too. Sometimes I wish I was not. I am sorry to hear about your mom.
God bless and prayers!