Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things learned

My Mom has been a regular reader of my blog and it used to bother me.  Then I realized that all she wanted was a connection, which was hard being hundreds of miles away from each other.  I have always been terrible about calling and checking in with my parents.  With my blog at least they know I am still alive, except when I go MIA like the last few months.

I have been blessed in my life in having two sets of parents.  My Mom and Dad divorced when I was three, then my Step Dad married my Mom and adopted me when I was 5.  I only call him my Step Dad so as to not confuse others when I am talking about family.  He is my Daddy and always will be.  I never had contact with my Dad until my early 30's.  When I met him it was like part of who had been lost was found.  I was given an inner confidence that day by God, something I had prayed for and that had come to pass.

Fast forward 15 years later, I sit here and look back over my life.  I can see what each set of parents has taught me, individually as well as a whole.

*Love without regret*Love when you don't want to*Love when all you want to do is give up and give in*Love when there is so much pain-you feel as if it is going to break you*Stand strong*Stand for what you believe in*Acceptance regardless of what is seen because you may not know the whole story*Peace, that in time you will somehow at least understand each other even if you don't agree*That being angry is okay-work out what you need. We are going to be here when you are ready*We will give you the space you need, always remember we love you.*

My Step Dad is an example of what love is all about.  Seeing past all the bad and loving because it is the right thing.  He showed a strength to me that I couldn't really understand until I had been married 15 give up part of yourself but you gain others.  My parents complete each other, constant companions(I'm sure driving each other crazy at times) and each others care giver.

Our lives changed this week as my Mom's body just couldn't take anymore of this life.  She went to a place of peace, with no pain and she is now surrounded by the ones that have gone before her. Despite everything, I will always miss and love her.  We will all be okay Mom, trust that God has a plan just like He always has.


wheatenmom said...

i am here, Juel, with you on my heart. shari

Mel said...

A beautiful tribute Juel.......<3

Heather said...

LOVE you Juel. Such beautiful words. I know you are at peace.

theelfqueen said...

Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

This is a beautiful post, a beautiful tribute to your family.

Good thoughts and prayers coming your way!