Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Full steam ahead

Some days it really seems that I am going so fast that I can't keep up with myself, then I have to give out the gentle reminder that I am probably bringing it upon myself.  I have been feeling like I have been being pulled in so many directions.  This is our busy time of year and by the end of my children's days they barely have enough time to stop to eat with so much homework.  They are working hard in Marching Band and keeping on top of schoolwork.......chores got put to the back burner the first couple of weeks of school.  Now I am just trying to help them to find the balance to what needs to be done here.  I miss them when they are busy.

I decided to go back to school with Suzi Blu.....she is doing an awesome 8 month class on art journaling, you can read about it here.  I've also enrolled in three of her other classes here .  All of these classes are such a good deal!  You won't regret taking a look and possibly signing up.  Suzi really walks you through each step so you are doing it as she does it.  This is called a tower, it brought me a great deal of peace as I was working on it.  I am pretty sure it isn't complete yet, there are a few things missing but I will wait for it to speak to me.

It isn't to late to put your name into my birthday drawing, just scroll down and check it out.  It will remain open until Sunday October 9pst.  I will then pick a winner and post on Monday, October 10.  I would REALLY love to hear what you have done to make someones day!


"Girl" said...

Your tower is gorgeous!!!

Annette T. said...

Oh Juel---- What a generous soul you are. Happy Birthday----


Donna Peter said...

Juel, I LOVE your drawings. It seems everyone that's taking Suzi's class is really enjoying it!! Thankyou for sharing this!

scrapwordsmom said...

We are soooo busy here, too!! It seems we never get to breath!!

I will have to check that class out. I am taking SheArt 2 in November!