Saturday, July 19, 2014

Be Gentle

Where have I been?  Taking care of little ole me, which I promised myself I would do this year. 

I have spent the last several months with a personal trainer and I am happy to report that my mind is changing towards serious exercise.  I have had lower back issues for years, it has been increasing in pain for a few months.  Showing itself in the form of nerve issues in my feet.  Imagine having tons of little needles poking into the bottoms of your feet, then it leaves you with a burning tingling feeling or like you have little crawling things on your skin.  A check up with my doctor found me going in for an xray.  They found that I am having some arthritis in my lower back.  I believe their is probably a bit more going on, since I have lost a half inch a year for the past couple of years.  If their is nerve damage going on, nothing can really be done except for time for them to heal.  Exercise is helping but doesn't relieve all the pain. I am getting stronger and just have to keep doing what I am doing to have relief.  I am learning to be gentle with myself in every area of my life.  It is hard when you are your own worst critic, who wants instant results.

So many changes have been happening and I promise to share more with you very soon!  I just won't let two months go by before posting again.  Please continue to come back!  I do have so much to share with you as the fog is lifting from my heart.  

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