Friday, October 02, 2015

A few changes

So the month of June in this house marked a big milestone we have been working on for a year.  We got our major stuff moved from the garage to the new shed my sister in law helped us build last summer.  This meant a big thing for me, I got the old little shed for my stuff.  Okay, so I knew I had a lot of stuff but it was all spread out so I didn't think I would actually fill the dang thing.  Yep, well I was wrong and I now see myself as someone who does not need to buy a thing.

My sister in law also moved into her new house so the spare bedroom is now the Grands/Guest room.  It is also coming together nicely.  The first time we had the Grands over, they were so very excited to have their very own place to play.  Everyone was quiet and playing nicely together.  We also had a special visitor one night, our little Sage, who isn't so little anymore.  It is so much fun putting this room together for them.   

It has taken a lot to move from caregiver to where I am now.  While my feelings of being a Granny are somewhat new I can tell you that it is wonderful.  It just so fun to be with each of them.     

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