Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can I have a do over?

I would like to start part of this month over! The part where I loose my energy level and then get an infection, which leads me to being on medication for the last 5 days. Add to the fact that a side effect to the medications I'm taking are headaches, well lets just say my body just hasn't been very happy. With a consent headache concentration goes out the window so no more pages have been done for the LOAD challenge. I have had burst of energy so in that time I have been able to sort photos, plan pages, look for sketches and pull out papers. So I guess really that is have the battle right there with 10 pages waiting to be put together, not bad. I'm happy to say that I'm okay with where I'm at and what I've done. So on to the last couple of days I had done for the LOAD challenge.

Day 18.....Prompt: Scrapbook a Holiday page. The picture says it all as my daughter looks on and lets us know what she thinks about having to stick her hand down the turkey to be stuffed.

Day 19.....Prompt: Pat yourself on the back for what you have gotten done so far this month. Celebrate! I celebrated by making two more pages for my daughter's wedding album. I just love how all these papers are flowing together.

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