Thursday, October 01, 2009


Welcome to you - I am ready to embrace you and all you have for me. I am on a journey to change a little piece of myself, in hopes of moving in the right direction. I'm excited but I don't want to fail myself. I WANT this and NEED this!! It takes 21 days to make a change and I want this one to last a lifetime.

Years ago I took a challenge from Rhonna Farrer, to work on changing something in my life. I would join with other people doing the same thing. I missed out this last time she did it but have decided that today the first of October would be a good time for me to do this. For me, a challenge to change the part of my life that I KNOW needs to change! I will share my journey as I go but I need to keep it to myself for now. I need to enjoy this process and right now it is the scariest thing I am facing.

At the same time this month, I am also joining up with Lain Ehmann for another addition of L.O.A.D. I so need this to jump start my scrapbooking, which I haven't done much of the past year. It isn't to late to sign up, just scroll down on her page and she tells you how to do it! Come join us, anytime it is going to be fun!!

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