Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It is cold here

WAY to soon for it to be so cold! All the leaves haven't even started to change color, what is up with that? My flowers were beautiful then we had our cold snap, now they are wilted and dying. It is so sad, the only hope I have though is remembering that spring will come.

I was trimming the old flower seed pods from my lilac bushes last week and I was struck with the awe in seeing next years growth of flowers. God gave me a tap on the shoulder and reminded me that everything in life has new growth just waiting to grow. If I hadn't slowed down I would never had taken the time to see. Thanks God for the gentle reminder.

Day 9.......Prompt: What is the most important thing to capture in your scrapbooks? This is an a page from an ABC book I started a long time ago. Favorite photos of my children at different times of their lives. I don't want to forget anything about being a mom and wife. I want to pass my memories on to my children so they don't forget. That is why I scrapbook.

Day 10......Prompt: Scrapbook a dream or dreamy photo. This is my dreamy photo. I will never be able to get this day out of my head. It was a perfect day at the park and this was one of those pictures that you look at after you pick up your film from the printers and say wow. The title to this will be Shine, my daughter's hair was shining in the sun. So beautiful!

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