Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just another day

Another month gone, I am just having a hard time believing it.  Usually by this time of the year I am ready for a new one, not this time.  The New Year is going to be a good one, I am sure however it will mark a time that I haven't been wanting to look at.  My son come next fall will be a Senior in High School so exactly when did that happen?  Sigh.......so this Christmas I am trying to slow way down and just be.  In an effort to focus on what is truly important about this holiday I am going join up with Shimelle for Journal your Christmas .  I think it will be a good thing even if I don't do everyday.  I already have ideas on how I want to put my own spin on it with remembering Christmas's past.  It all starts tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow!!  Do you know that not only is it December 1st BUT it is the start of the 12 Tags of Christmas with Tim Holtz!!  It was 4 years ago that I started learning what his stuff was all about and I am a better artisit because of it!  Thanks Tim!  You are incrediblly awesome!!!  For anyone that is wondering what is on my wish list, it doesn't have much on it these days but I would LOVE this Book.  It is a book full of techniques for stamping if you order it from his sight he will sign it and that rocks!

Well, the Colour or is it Color class is in it's final days.  I have so enjoyed it, every minute.  The last couple of weeks for me were difficult to do while being surrounded by sorting all my paper but they are finally done.  At least my small layouts anyway with the 12x12's coming later on.

Green, a restful and calm color.  Knew there was a reason why it is one of my favorite colors.  I LOVE this little frog!

Blue, light and friendly.  Again another favorite.  My beauties, in homemade Easter dresses.

Purple, a mixture of hot red and cool blue.  This color is at least in my top five.  My beautiful Clematis that was transplanted this summer.  It makes me so happy.

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