Sunday, November 07, 2010

Orange and Yellow

These two colors are beautiful however I will have to say that bright Yellow has to be my least favorite color.  I enjoy the softer, milder Yellows ones with a little more golden color to them.  Orange, well orange I am just not sure of.  I have never been one to wear it or really have much of it in my house.  It shows up around fall time for me in my fall decor, leaves, flowers, pumpkins but again not to much of the bright shade.  I love the shades of orange that  have more red and brownish tones in them. 

Orange:  Something that stands out, adds excitement and wants to get noticed.  I guess God wanted me to notice Him this week.  Ten minutes before this picture was taken the sky was pink.  I love God's handy work.

Yellow:  Brightest of the true colors, vibrant, used to attract attention, indicates frienship, hope and helps you step forward.  This little girl of mine has always been a bright spot. 

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