Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Once again

If you are interested in special give aways you might want to go here and take a look at these way CUTE camera straps!!  Such beautiful homemade goodness!

I am LOVING the color class and have even begun to sort my cardstock into color order.  I have always sorted it by season but I am ready to do what makes sense for my creativity.

This week had been all about Orange and Yellow, making fun homemade ruffles and just building elements to create a wide border.  The butterfly is one that I stamped onto watercolor paper, sponged with color and then sprayed with a mist of white perfect pearls.  You can't tell from here but it is pretty sparkly. 

I took the left over pieces from the above layout to make this one.  

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Jay Woods said...

Are your blogs give me a chance to fill in the gaps of the stuff I have missed over the years. It doesn't replace, but it is better than the void where your presence would be.