Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I can't seem to grasp that the year is almost over.  Seriously.......does time really have to go this fast?  My first day of November was a really weird day.  It was raining heavily and cold, unlike today which is cool but with sunshine.  I have been so exhausted and I am doing everything I can to not let this cold take control of me.  My children decided to share with me.   

LOAD is over.....final count, 31 layouts and 107 photos used this month.  I spent part of yesterday sorting through the layouts I have done this year because I haven't put them into their albums yet.  So that is on it's way to being done.  I don't scrapbook in order so it feels weird to put them into albums when I know there are gaps.  I know that is the safest place for them so in they will go.  I have recently decided to not have a family scrapbook of my children because I have albums for each of them.  So my favorite photos of an event, or of them will be put into themed mini albums.  I am hoping that one day when we are gone from this world that they will divide the mini's up into groups of 4 and then maybe on a yearly basis pass their boxes around to each other.  I will be on the look out for those special boxes that would last a lifetime.  Who knows maybe this would become a tradition and it would be passed onto the Grandbabies.

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Tammy said...

Love your idea of hoping the family will pass the minis around. Maybe I need to stipulate that in my Will - the family must pass them around and enjoy them! That's a fantastic idea! :)